The Necessity of Amazon MAP Enforcement

We analyze the severity of Amazon MAP enforcement, Amazon MAP monitoring, and Amazon MAP compliance.

Amazon has 9.7 million sellers worldwide, with 1.9 million actively selling.

Amazon is customer-centric and a breeding ground for price erosion.

Amazon’s e-commerce sales exceed 50% marketshare and will keep on growing.

To prevent brand degradation, one must have an Amazon MAP enforcement strategy.

Large Scale Competition

Sellers continue to flock to the Amazon marketplace. Marketplace Pulse recently released a figure stating that there are over 9.7 million sellers worldwide on Amazon, with 1.9 million actively selling. The data confirms that over a million new sellers join Amazon every year and the number is just snowballing.  

MAP Monitoring Guide

Customer-Centric Environment

Amazon relentlessly focuses on customer experience by offering customers low prices, convenience, and a wide selection of merchandise. Sounds great for the customer, but what does this mean for the retailers? Such a vast space of competition promotes a race to the bottom in prices and margins. Retailers and 3rd party sellers are constantly out bidding each other for the buy box, degrading brand value. Prepare by having an iron-clad Amazon MAP enforcement strategy.

MAP Enforcement Guide

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