Managing Unauthorized Sellers

Wrangling unauthorized sellers on Amazon and the rest of the web while building a legitimate retail channel with your resellers to prevent brand erosion.

As a brand, you expect to have equity built into your name.

You’ve spent years delivering quality products and crafting a good reputation of satisfying the expectations of your customers. With this brand equity, the margins that have so much investment behind them become an important focal point of your business for the benefit of you and your resellers.

 With the advent of online selling, anyone with an Internet connection and products to sell can become a significant reseller.

  • Resellers focus on winning the Buy Box on Amazon
  • Approximately 82% of purchases go to the Buy Box owner
  • Lowering price is a key indicator in winning the Buy Box

This starts a race to the bottom that consequently damages all other sellers of your product and diminishes margins of the brand. Unaccountable sellers can also cause other problems involving the quality of delivery, and even the sale of inauthentic products.

Authorized Sellers

One of the best ways of mitigating these issues is for brands to only sell to authorized sellers. Establish an agreement between brand and seller to ensure MAP (minimum advertised price) compliance

Delivery and Authenticity

Ensure customers are taken care of with a good delivery process; they won’t resell to disreputable third parties and provide a guarantee that customers are receiving a genuine product

MAP Monitoring Solution

Sign up for a free scout right now and take advantage of fully automated MAP monitoring software to keep track of online sellers, particularly unauthorized ones to prevent brand erosion

Stopping unauthorized sellers with MAP Policy Partners

With the tracking of products across the Internet we compile lists of all the sellers for each individual product on Amazon in addition to different sellers across the web. 

Authorized sellers can then be marked as such, and unauthorized sellers can be monitored. We additionally are able to incorporate metrics that track the total amount each seller is violating MAP across all their products to help pinpoint which sellers are causing the most harm and let you focus on the biggest violators.

  • Built in tooling integrated with reports that helps with enforcement
  • Send unauthorized sellers enforcement emails
  • Collect e-mail confirmations, and track progress

As a brand, your sellers and distributors can have a sizable impact on your margins and your brand equity. Ensuring that you and your sellers’ interests are aligned through an authorized seller agreement is a great way to protect both your brand and those who sell your brand.

MAP Enforcement Dashboard

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