MAP Enforcement (Minimum Advertised Price Enforcement)

Automated & time-saving enforcement technology for your MAP Policy

MAP Enforcement Dashboard

An innovative path to minimum advertised price (MAP) enforcement

Amazon’s share of the US Ecommerce Market is 45%. Amazon alone has an inventory of about 12 million items across all its categories and services.

Enforce minimum advertised price (MAP) across Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and the thousands of retailers found throughout Google. Using MAP Policy Partners, you can automate the entire process of map pricing enforcement. Want a more hands-on approach? Take advantage of our large array of tools to streamline the MAP enforcement process.

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Free customer-centric development offered to all of our partners. We build MAP enforcement features.

  • Automated MAP enforcement e-mails
  • Screenshots on every MAP violation
  • Timestamps, margins, and metrics
  • Share with unlimited users
  • Pixel tracking. View opened e-mails
  • Upload MAP enforcement letters & e-mail body
  • Send physical certified mail
  • Customer support - 7 days a week
  • Investigation. We help you unmask MAP violators

Why choose our MAP enforcement software solution?

Built specifically around MAP. We are family-owned, in-house, and offer free development.

In-house development team standing by to customize to your needs for MAP pricing enforcement.

Organized dashboard to help your team keep track of where you left off in your MAP enforcement.

A dedicated representative standing by to assist you any day of the week. No automated responses, ever.

Automated MAP Enforcement

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