The concept of MAP or a Minimum Advertised Price is quickly gaining popularity. In simple words, MAP is a policy laid down by a product manufacturer that forbids resellers from advertising products below a set price. You would not want to invest in a brand that has an ineffective MAP policy monitoring process, right? So how should you go about choosing a MAP monitoring software tool for your brand? Well, it takes time to research the best solution that fits your MAP policy goals. However, here are a few tips to help you get started.

Factors To Consider

The need for an effective MAP software tool cannot be overstated. Here are a few factors that your brand should consider:

• How many products do you represent?

• Are you a small, medium, or large business?

• What is your business vision?

• How many dealers and distributors does your brand have?

• Are you aware of brand policy violations?

• Do you receive complaints about policy violations from dealers?

• Are you aware of a brand within your niche that’s setting an example as far as their MAP policy is concerned? Do you know anything about their policy, policy violations, and approach toward violators?

Your goal is to save employee time, and you want to get your hands on a monitoring software tool that works for your brand.

6 Tips To Choose Map Monitoring Software

Before short-listing a product, you might want to consider a few points:

1. Ease of use

When you are exploring MAP monitoring software options, look for one that is user-friendly and does not require extensive staff training. The idea is to pick a MAP solution that is intuitive and simple and requires minimum onboarding and training and saves time that could be lost in training.

2. Centralized

The right MAP monitoring software is streamlined that centralizes all important information about seller communication, email templates, violations, and reports, reducing the risk of loss of data. This means you do not need to search different places to access information.

A MAP monitoring tool is the best product to stay organized and on track, ensuring you can conveniently access the right data at the right time and in the right place.

3. High-quality data

You should consider a solution that provides you with actionable, high-quality data. The software should be equipped with image recognition features so that it can feed you the right data from the influx of information available. With such a solution handy, you can identify policy violators and ensure compliance.

4. Communication with customers

The best MAP monitoring software will make the communication process seamless. Consider a solution that allows you to monitor and enforce your policy from a single platform. The tool should have communication features that can scale irrespective of the number of users connected to your product sellers. Additionally, there are tools designed to customize your communication. Such solutions help in the segmentation of information to different audiences.

5. Pricing

Your MAP monitoring software is an investment that will reap you dividends for a pretty long time. So when it comes to exploring the options, cost should not be a big factor. No doubt, you do not want to go beyond your budget, but the idea is to get your hands on a product that fits your MAP policy needs. With the right MAP monitoring software tool handy, you can stay compliant and keep profit margins for sellers. This will encourage sellers to make more investment in your brand, resulting in higher sales and revenues.

6. Customer support

Of course in this tech-savvy world, you might be tempted to go for the best technologically equipped product. Simultaneously you want to know the people behind the product. How is the technical support? Is the customer support team easy to reach out? When are they available? Are they responsive and professional? Are they willing to help and how fast do they resolve issues?

You should look for a product that is backed by its founders because first-hand experience counts, and the product is guaranteed to meet the MAP management needs of your brand.

When you have the best MAP monitoring software, you can better manage and meet your minimum advertised pricing goals. This should be the right start for your brand to effortlessly and effectively monitor and enforce your minimum advertised pricing policy.

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